Grants for Teachers and Trainers

 Philipsburg Area Education Foundation (PAEF) offers grants to local educators and trainers for learning activities based on current year revenues in our general fund, which will vary each year.  Potential applicants are encouraged to apply for funding of arts, humanities and science learning projects, keeping in mind our mission is to improve educational opportunities for citizens of Granite County. Projects may be for any age – early childhood, elementary, middle or high school students, or adults. Schools and non-profit organizations may apply for current year activities June 1 through October 1.  To apply, complete the application form: Grants for Teachers and Trainers.

The board will evaluate applications and determine funding during its fall board meeting. 

 PAEF is primarily interested in educational projects that demonstrate a comprehensive level of engagement that result in clear and measurable outcomes.  We are typically not interested in funding single interactions with students or participants where the primary outcome is to raise awareness or introduce a concept.  For examples; we may fund a one-time guest artist or professional if the skill or knowledge they provide is incorporated into curriculum or coursework to enhance learning.  We will probably not fund a guest speaker for a one-time presentation to elicit interest in a topic or provide general awareness.  We may fund a single field trip if the experience further enhances literacy, curriculum or career training; we will not fund a field trip for a break from classes or general awareness. 

 Projects we prefer:

  • Hands-on learning
  • Incorporate with or expanding existing curriculum, classes, and programs
  • Develop a new component of learning that is currently not offered in our county
  • Clearly define ways to measure learning
  • Improve career and education outcomes for students
  • Support reading and writing literacy
  • Team up with teachers, schools and other nonprofit programs for service delivery and funding

Applicants must submit a written proposal describing the project, requested funding and measurable outcomes.  We encourage the use of the PAEF Grant Application Form and attach any documents that will help the PAEF Board of Directors understand the full scope of the learning project. 

 If awarded, requirements for receiving PAEF funds include a written project summary and accounting of expenditures.  A Memorandum of Understanding shall be signed by the receiving organization director or school superintendant showing compliance with these requirements. 

 For inquiries or clarification, please call Sue Huffman at (406) 859-0141.